51 Homecoming Prom Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

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What are the Best Homecoming Prom Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair?

Short locks have become a popular hairstyle choice and a lot of younger girls are choosing to rock this trend. While shorter hair is fun and fashionable, you may wonder how styling it for your long-awaited homecoming prom is going to work out for you. So you have the vision, the dress is being cut, your makeup look is decided and your date is lined up, but your short locks may have left you hesitant to book your appointment with your stylist.

It may seem that short hair is limited when it comes to formal occasions, but you will be excited to know that is not the case at all! Whether it’s soft curls, a glamorous updo, or a sophisticated braid that catches your eye, all these styles are possible and you can glam up with confidence on your big night.

We have compiled a list of the best short prom hairstyle ideas to inspire you and help you feel your best for homecoming!

1. Cute and Simple

Create a soft curl and already the hair is transformed. It is a perfect option when you are looking to glam up for prom. by pinning half of the hair up at the back, you cab create a base to place some pearls or any accessory of your choice. and the curls that come together add extra volume and texture.

2. Pixie Flower Crown

Elegant hair doesn’t always have to be long and flowing. By adding something that is pretty and stands out like a flower crown, will instantly make your locks ready for prom.

3. Wavy Bob with Deep Side Part

When styling short hair for a formal do, accessorizing can play a big part in the finished look. This wavy bob is styled into a semi-wet look and details with a simple but elegant gold and pearl pin.

4. Barrel Curls and Pearls

Sometimes short locks make upstyling easier to achieve. Some chinky barrel curls can be in place and prettied up with some pearls sprinkled amongst them. add a braid for extra texture and contrast.

5. Bohemian Updo

Create the illusion of locks with a smartly structured updo. Prep the hair with curls so they can be placed and pinned, then fill any gaps with some pretty flowers to finish it off boho style. Let some strands fall loose for a more relaxed and elegantly messy look.

6. Chain Braid with Curls

A short bob can easily be glammed up with some soft curls, and those alone will look great, but this is homecoming and we agree that you should level it up a touch. Add a delicate chain braid across the side to create some detailed texture and contrast, and to make your hairdo a little more unique and different.

7. Chunky Braided Bob

You can still get creative with shorter locks by creating a relaxed, textured hairdo like this. Add a loose chunky braid that incorporates large sections of the hair on top and let the rest of hair down while adding a soft wave.

8. Classic Waves with Pearls

Classic waves and classic pearls are a combination that can’t go wrong. Ideal for short hair, the waves will hold beautifully and bounce the light, creating a polished shine. The pearl clips pin back the sleek side path for some beautiful asymmetry.

9. Crown Braid with a Twist

Playing with a variety of textures is a great way to enhance some curls and create contrast. This wavy lob becomes a prom worthy hairstyle with the addition of a crown braid and a delicate twist to lie alongside it.

10. Curly Pixie Cut with Headband

Transform your funky pixie cut into some elegant tresses by adding some loose curls. They will change the shape and some volume and dimension. A glitzy headband can glam it up while adding a boho element to the overall look.

11. Edgy Elegance

If you like to stand out and rock a less conventional hairstyle, these structured and intricate curls look beautifully dramatic perfectly with their bright hue, and paired with a funky undercut.

12. Elegant Grunge

A lot of the time girls opt for short hair because of its versatility to be chic while being able to rock an edgy pixie. This grungy hairdo is a great example of how you can pair edge with elegance, by adding two cornrows to create some asymmetrical curls. It makes way to showcase some gorgeous drop earrings, while not stealing attention from the hair.

13. Greek Goddess

A hair accessory can be the thing that takes your hairdo from drab to fab. This funky pixie with an undercut is transformed into a soft and elegant hairdo by adding some textured waves and a bold and beautiful Greek inspired hairpiece

14. Greek Princess

A sweet pixie cut can look glamorous just by adding a soft and tousled wave. Elevate it to prom worthy by adding a hair accessory like this gold Greek inspired leaf band. This look is easy to achieve on your own, making it budget-friendly which is never a bad thing!

15. Half Bun on Wavy Hair

Create a soft, elegant half updo with a simple knot and a little piece of bling. Add some texture with a tousled wave through the rest of the hair for a simple but elegant prom hairstyle.

16. Half Up Half Down on Short Hair

This sweet half up half down hairdo is a great example of how less is more. A soft curl is combed out to tousle it up while some strands are softly pulled back from the front to create some small detail and a base for some bling to be showcased. This is a perfect hairstyle choice for fine hair.

17. Half Updo with Curls

If you want to showcase your sort locks and not hide them away in an updo, then you can create an elegant hairdo but pinning half your locks up into a detailed bun. the rest of the hair can be curled for some movement and softness.

18. Hollywood Waves

Inspired by the flapper girls in the 60s’, finger waves are a gorgeous and timeless option for short locks. These Hollywood waves can be created with a curling out and combe out and placed strategically. One side is tucked behind the ear to creat some asymmetry and open the face.

19. Loose Wave and Single Pinned Braid

Glam up your bob with some loose waves and a single side braid pinned back with a bit of sparkle. it opens the face and creates some texture, perfect for fine hair.

20. Low Knotted Updo

Short hair can indeed be turned into an elegant updo! Create some texture in the hair by adding some curls- this provides a perfect base and movement to create an updo. Sculpt a low bun by twisting, looping, placing, and pinning. Don’t forget some height at the crown and leave some curly tendrils loose around the hairline for softness.

21. Low Nape Bun

This look is created on a short bob by adding some curls and strategically pinning them to form a low bun. The crown is teased up slightly to create some height, and pinned below the crown to maintain that height while creating a base to structure the rest of the updo. Some strands are left loose around the face for a more soft and relaxed look.

22. One Sided Braid

Asymmetry can be a great element in making a hairstyle interesting and glamorous. This hairstyle has done just that by using a braid to give it a chic, boho touch.

23. Pixie Braid

A braid in itself can transform a hairstyle, and in this case, a fun pixie cut is made prom ready with a chunky braid to act as a headband and an elegant touch.

24. Pixie Pin Curls

Pin curls are a great technique for creating vintage-inspired hair on short locks. They lay flat on the head but remain tight to maintain movement and flow as well as softness on a pixie cut. This is a skill for a hairstylist and can be hard to achieve on your own.

25. Pixie Pompadour

If you are growing out a pixie cut or just enjoy a little edge to your hairdo, even for prom, then this teasy pompadour is a gorgeous and grungy option that you can dress up with some bling.

26. Posh Pixie

Edgy can also pull off elegance, with a few soft curls to soften the look and a pretty hair accessory perfectly placed to glam it up. Some drop earrings are a perfect combination for a style that includes an undercut, as they can steal all the attention while complementing the hairstyle.

27. Posh Pompadour

A pompadour is a classic and edgy style for short hair, but it can also look elegant with its polished and sleek look. A perfect look to show off some earrings.

28. Pulled Back Half Updo for Short Bob

Open the face and create some height by pinning the top half of your locks back. No hair is left loose which keeps the face open and some texture is created with a wave for movement and volume.

29. Retro Updo

Short locks can easily be pulled up into a classic French twist but for a retro twist, the bangs can be swept up into an intricate curl that will make you feel a pinup beauty. Bright red lips pair well to finish the retro look.

30. Short Curl Bob with a Twist

Soft spiral curls take this short bob to a homecoming level with the addition of softly twisted sections pulled back from each side to meet at the crown. The curls add some shine to the hair and the hair at the crown is gently tugged out to create some height.

31. Short Curls

Curls are a classic, and their beauty and grace will never fade. Using a narrow curling wand, you can create some elegant curls and use some sweet and pretty clips to control certain sections of the hair. curls pair well with a contrast of colors, so some highlights or lowlights are a great option to add some dimension.

32. Short Curly Bob

You can turn your short graduated bob into a hairdo suitable for a formal event by simply adding some curls. They add volume, movement, and texture while enhancing the shape and getting you prom ready.

33. Short Curly Bob with Flower Crown

Create a whimsical look with some curls and flowers. The curls are focused on the ends for s bit of contrast in texture and a sweet flower band finished it off adding to the whimsical, boho feel of this hairstyle.

34. Short Firey Curls

Choose a bold hue to level up your locks. This deep but bright red hair pairs well with some curls and a shiny hairpin to glam it up.

35. Short and Funky

Add a variety of textures and elements to create a fun prom hairstyle on your short locks. Crimped hair is a trend from the past that can be modernized to create a unique and alternative look. Add some glitzy bobby pins and position them creatively to add some bling to your look.

36. Simplicity

This is an easy and beautifully simple style to achieve on your own at home. Use a curling wand to create some soft waves and gently twist two sections of hair from the sides of the head, so they come together at the back. The texture showcases all the different tones in your locks, which adds to the dimension of the style.

37. Single Side Braid

Use a braid to creatively pin one side of the hair back. It creates a stunning and elegant asymmetry that opens the face, and some extra volume and density to the waves on the other side.

38. Sleek Bob

Prom doesn’t always necessarily have to mean big and bouncy or curly and structured. A good haircut can be showcased and glammed up with the appropriate jewelry and dress, and still look elegant and prom worthy. Add some serum to tame any flyaways and a sprits of shine spray for extra shine and reflection.

39. Sleek Graduated Bob

Showcase your beautiful haircut by leaving it sleek, while adding some fun bobby pins to take your bob game to a new level that is elegant and sophisticated but also relaxed and casual.

40. Sleek Waves

Simply elegant, these sleek waves can easily be done by yourself at home. Visit your stylist a week before to neaten up the haircut, so that the ends are free from split ends and look healthy and crisp.

41. Soft Waves with Double Braids

Soft waves are a huge trend now, whether it’s a casual look or for an event. It’s prom, so you want to level it up a bit while holding onto those gorgeous waves. Add some braids as an extra detail that can create some texture, and height and make your hairstyle unique.

42. Softly Pinned Lob

A little goes a long way and that is the case with this softly waved lob. Just a few strands pulled back and intertwined at the crown turn this short haircut into an elegant half updo. Babies’ breath flowers are always a winning addition to any formal hairdo to level it up from casual to formal.

43. Sparkling Pompadour

Another edgy look that turns into elegance with some creative styling. Big curls are strategically placed to create a textured and elegant pompadour, with ribbons of glitter to add some fun and some sparkle.

44. Thick Boho Braid

A short bob can be transformed into an elegant boho-inspired updo by braiding the hair up into a Dutch braid around the hairline, like a crown with some ribbons of hair pulled out from the bangs to soften the face and hairstyle. This braid works best on thick hair.

45. Tousled Bob

A couple of tousled curls and some simple detail is all that short locks need to look elegant. Some height at the crown can be created by pinning those locks back and loosening some strands to lift the hair at the crown. Use some bling to pretty it up and to add an extra elegant touch.

46. Tousled Waves with Crown Braid

Tousled waves can give your locks a smart casual look if that is your vibe. They add a subtle texture that creates movement and volume and a crown braid can add an extra sweet touch. If you possess the skill to braid your own hair , then this is a look that you could easily achieve on your own.

47. Twisted Pixie

The great thing about this updo is that it is hard to tell that look is achieved on a short pixie cut! By adding texture with curls, you instantly create the illusion of more hair. Twisting sections back to join at the crown and nape create a soft, textured look that could easily pass as an updo.

48. Twisted Updo

Sweep your bob up into a soft and twisted updo that rests beautifully at the nape. Finish the look with some flower accessories and tug at  some strands to create texture and separation. Loose curls around the face are softening and whimsical.

49. Vintage Waves with Side Part

Vintage-inspired hair is always sophisticated and works well on short locks. Create a uniformed wave throughout the hair and tuck one side behind the ear while securing it with stunning accessory.

50. Voluminous Bob with Ponytail

Add some relaxed curls to your bob to create some volume and pull back the top into a sweet ponytail for a unique and cute prom worthy hairstyle.

51. Voluminous Soft Wave

Short tresses can still be big and bold. Give yourself a big and bouncy blowout, add some soft waves and a little bit of tease to create this voluminous, textured bob that is gorgeous. This look will work best on a short blunt bob to enhance the shape and volume.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to the belief that short locks are hard to pair with a formal gown, you are now spoilt for choice with these elegant and gorgeous hairdos! When the makeup, the jewelry, the dress, and all the rest of the details all meet, the whole look comes together and you will no doubt feel like a princess. There is a lot that goes into planning this special night, so here are a few final thoughts to help you along the way.

  • Consider the neckline of your dress and how your hairstyle will complement it. For example, if the neckline is high, then an updo will help elongate the neck and not take attention away from it.
  • Make sure your jewelry and hair complement each other. If you choose to go with a big drop earring that catches the eye, then maybe choose a simple hairstyle that is pulled back to showcase them.
  • If you decide to spruce up your hairstyle with some color, we advise you to do that service at least a week before your prom to allow time for the color to settle and an opportunity to change it if it’s not suitable.
  • Consider some hair accessories such as tiaras, hairpins, pearls, and flower crowns that can really elevate your style and add some elegance.
  • Visit your stylist to discuss some options and a possible trial to help put your mind at ease. Different stylists also prefer different hair conditions to work on, so it would be helpful to be prepared for your appointment on the day.
  • Always make a choice that is comfortable for you and choose a look that is not too far out of your comfort zone. If you are not comfortable with your hairstyle choice, then you will not feel confident.

There you have it! We hope you are feeling more excited and prepared for your fabulous event, just remember to have fun, and don’t forget to let your hair down!

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Lauren always knew she needed to work in an industry that would nurture her creative and eccentric personality. She has run her own business for 7 years. After 2 years attending college, Lauren found herself an apprenticeship with one of the top salons in her province. This salon was popular for their more alternative and creative hairstyle ideas, taking part in many international competitions, photoshoots and shows where bright colors and Avant Garde styling were always the theme. She fine-tuned her skills throughout her 5 years there, achieving many awards including national finalist of the Goldwell Color Zoom competition. After qualifying, Lauren stayed on and grew in leaps and bounds in her art, training new apprentices and meeting some local fame and influencers. She got to experience various facets of the industry and built up a strong clientele. Lauren eventually found her way to owning her own salon and, in this time, she specialized in bridal and formal hair. Living in the Midlands meant she was in the hub of the wedding industry and was involved with collaborative shoots and bridal shows.