65 Crazy Hair Day Ideas (Wacky Boys & Girls Hairstyles For School)

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65 Crazy Hair Day Ideas (Wacky Boys & Girls Hairstyles For School)

What Are The Craziest Hair Day Ideas For School?

Ah, Crazy Hair Day… the day all creative parents can’t wait for, and the day all other parents dread.

The very idea of washing all the paint, glitter and bobby pins out of your kid’s crazy hairstyle at the end of the day is enough to send shivers down any parent’s spine.

Perhaps you and your child already have some ideas about what you can do with their hair this year.

Maybe you have no clue what you’re going to do, and you’re starting to panic as the day is approaching.

If you’re out of ideas, look no further!

Below, we have listed 65 Crazy Hair Day ideas for boys and girls, from simple ideas to extravagant styles and cool ideas that your kid will love.

So, let’s get into it!

1. Cat Ear Braids

How cute is this hair look? It’s also fairly simple if you’re short on time and are unsure about your hairstyling skills. Just use some hair ties and bobby pins to create this crazy cat ears hairstyle.

2. Green Monster Hair

You will need a lot of green hair paint and some cardboard for this monstrous look! This is also an amazing crazy hair look for Halloween.

3. Stair Braids

If you don’t want to use accessories, try creating shapes in your child’s hair using braids instead. These elegant star braids are a great example, and would look even more beautiful over the festive period.

4. Birdcage Hair

This hairstyle is a little ambitious, and not an easy hairstyle to pull off but if you try hard enough, this’ll be so worth it… just make sure you’ve got enough hairspray!

5. Dog Inspired Hair

If you and your child love dogs, then why not pay homage to their favorite animal on crazy hair day? Use some large googly eyes and some dog ears on a headband for this look.

6. Paint Palette Hair

Let your child release their artistic side by threading some paintbrushes through their hair.

7. Rainbow Ponytail

For this rainbow hairstyle, use a bunch of different colored hairsprays on your daughter’s ponytail, with cotton balls and cardboard for this fun take on a school spirit week look. The rainbow colors look great next to the pot of gold for good luck!

8. Skittles Hair

Don’t throw out your old Skittles box! Instead, use that Skittles box to create this colorful, tasty hairstyle that is sure to go down a treat on crazy hair day.

9. Colorful Egg Braids

Braid your child’s hair around these colorful balloons to get this colorful egg look. This would be a fun hairstyle to try out at Easter!

10. Diet Coke Hair

Use your child’s favorite soda to create this crazy hairdo. You could even attach a plastic cup to make it look like the soda is flowing into it! Wavy hair really helps create the effect of flowing soda.

11. Froggy Hair

Grab some hair gel, and add some green pipe cleaners to create this fun frog hairstyle!

12. Mega Braids

For a simple crazy hair day idea, use some elastic bands to create this interesting hairstyle. It’s perfect for longer hair.

13. Monster Braids

This crazy hair idea is striking and effective, while being deceptively simple. All you need for this style is some cut-out colored paper. Then simply braid your child’s hair!

14. Outer Space Hair

Here’s an out-of-this-world hairstyle, made with blue hair spray, glitter, and stickers. This crazy hair day look takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s so worth it!

15. Star Wars Hair

Any Star Wars fan will love this hairstyle. If you’ve already got the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader figurines, even better! All you need then is black and silver hairspray.

16. A Celebration Of Clips

For parents who don’t have a lot of time, just use a bunch of hair accessories to create this dazzling look! It’s like a treasure trove of pretty clips.

17. Blue Jellyfish Hair

To achieve this cute, nautical look, braid your child’s hair and pile the rest into a bun. Then spray the braids and bun with blue hairspray and add googly eyes.

18. Butterfly Hair

You’re going to need blue and purple spray, and a lot of accessories for this butterfly look. You could also decorate your child’s face to match with some sparkly face paint!

19. Creepy Finger Hair

Add old Halloween decorations to your child’s bun for an eerie hairstyle. This hairstyle couldn’t be simpler, just style your child’s hair into a bun and add these creepy, witchy fingers.

20. Cupcake Liners & Pom Poms

With some cupcake liners and pom-poms, you can recreate these delicious cupcake buns. Don’t forget to add sprinkles!

21. Fuchsia Flamingo Hair

This is one of the simpler crazy hair ideas on our list. The hardest part of this hairstyle will be to create the flamingo. You just then need to spray a messy bun pink!

22. Little Mermaid Hair

This Little Mermaid hairstyle is so creative and fun, and perfect for your mermaid-loving little girl. It’s also a really simple style to recreate the mermaid tail. As long as you have the doll, are able to make simple braids and have some green hairspray – you’re good to go.

23. Spider Hair

Spider hairdos are not just for long hair, as you can use black pipe cleaners for the legs. You can also recreate this for longer hair with a sock bun and some googly eyes.

24. Surfer Hair

With some blue spray and a Lego dude, you can create this awesome surfer scene on shorter hair. We particularly love how the hair gets a darker blue at the tips!

25. Balloon Braids

If you’ve got a helium machine and some helium balloons to spare, this is an incredibly easy style to recreate. It’s one of the best wacky hairstyles for your crazy kid!

26. Beard Braids

Who said the hair had to be on your child’s head? Create a crazy beard instead to really get people talking!

27. Beehive Hair

With some ribbons and cardboard, your child will be the busiest bee in the classroom. We love how the flowers give a pop of color to the yellow and black look.

28. Bird’s Nest Hair

We love this wacky hair day style. Just add some leaves to your child’s messy bun, and you’ve got yourself a spectacular bird’s nest!

29. Birthday Candle Hair

Is it your child’s birthday, or birthday month? If so, turn their hair into a birthday cake! While birthday candle accessories have been used in the example below, tying your child’s hair into tiny braids and spraying them with colorful hairspray will do the trick.

30. Blue Barbie Hair

Incorporate your child’s favorite Barbie doll into their hair on crazy hair day! However, you will need a lot of hairspray and hair paint to keep this Barbie in place.

31. Bubble Bath Buns

For this fun, bubbly look just grab some cheap bathroom supplies, use a hot glue gun to stick them to a headband and use bobby pins to fix your child’s hair!

32. Cactus Hair

You’re going to need some paper flowers and green spray to make this cactus look. Our minds are blown by how realistic and beautiful this cactus hairstyle is.

33. Campfire Hair

Red hair spray and toasted marshmallows can be used for this toasty spiky hair. We’re amazed by the use of small fairy lights in this hairstyle too!

34. Cherry Buns

We’re not talking about a delicious dessert here, we’re talking about this funky hair idea! All this hairstyle requires is some messy buns sprayed red, and some green craft supplies.

You could also switch it up for fall and create pumpkin patch buns with orange hair spray.

35. Chessboard Hair

This chessboard design may be tricky, but it’ll definitely be worth it! You’ll need some clippers, and plenty of black and white hairspray to pull it off.

36. Christmas Candy Hair

This Christmassy look is a super cute idea, and can be recreated with different colored ribbons for the rest of the year. It could also be used for red ribbon week! You’ll only need a few hair accessories to achieve this look for yourself.

37. Coffee & Doughnut Hair

We love this crazy hair idea because it’s kind of like an optical illusion. Using a paper plate and some cardboard, you can use your child’s bun to make a doughnut.

38. Cookie Monster Hair

We recommend drawing two black dots onto polystyrene balls to create Cookie Monster’s eyes as a crazy hair day idea. The cookie in the pocket is a nice touch too!

39. Crazy Bird Hair

With pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and a handful of feathers, you can turn your child’s bun into a bird. We especially love the hot pink feathers used here. They really stand out!

40. Desert Island Hair

You’ll need blue and green hairspray and cardboard to create this tropical look. The use of green and blue hairspray is genius, and we love how their natural hair color has been used to create the illusion of a sandy beach.

41. Dinosaur Hair

With some toys and green spray, you can recreate Jurassic Park in your child’s hair. You can find the dinosaurs at your local dollar store or craft store- easy-peasy!

42. Doughnut Sock Buns

These cupcake buns look so good, the other kids might try to eat them! Separate the hair into high pigtails, and turn the pigtails into thick buns before decorating for this wacky style.

43. Fiery Red Hair

This electrifying look can be made using fairy lights and red hairspray! While this hairstyle looks simple on the surface, the fairy lights take it to the next level.

44. Frappuccino Hair

Be sure not to throw away your next Starbucks cup so you can use it for crazy hair day! This look is totally achievable with a Starbucks cup, hair ties and bobby clips, and cotton wool.

45. Fruit Loops Hair

All the kids at school will go loopy for this creative cereal hairstyle. You just need to style your child’s hair into a gravity-defying braid and get creative with hair ties.

46. Googly Eyes Hair

If you have colorful hair spray and googly eyes, you can recreate this hypnotic hair look. Just stick the googly eyes down with some double-sided clear tape.

47. Hairshey’s

We have to admit that this hair pun got a good chuckle out of us. Using foil and paper to create this ‘Hairshey’s’ look is genius!

48. Hedgehog Hair

Add some toothpicks to your child’s bun, and create a DIY hedgehog hairband for this idea. Just be careful when adding those tooth picks!

49. Lawnmower Hair

With green spray and a toy lawnmower, you can turn your kid’s hair into a front lawn! It’s a really easy look if you haven’t got much time to prepare either. Use hair wax to stick up the ‘lawn’, and a water-soluble glue to fix the mower.

50. Lego Hair

Celebrate your child’s love of Lego with some crazy Lego hair! Create a Lego construction site using Lego pieces and red hair spray.

51. Lizard Mohawk

If your child has a Mohawk then this crazy hair idea is perfect for them. Add some color to your child’s Mohawk to create this crazy lizard!

52. Minecraft Creeper Hair

Every kid loves Minecraft, so why not turn your child into a Creeper? Not only is it an easy hairstyle, but your kid is sure to love sporting their favorite video game in their hair!

53. Mummy Hair

Your kid will be the coolest in class with this mummified hairdo! This creepy hairstyle would also be perfect for Halloween.

54. Noodle Curls

Does your child have curly hair? If so, try out this ramen noodle hairstyle. The chopsticks are the perfect final touch!

55. Octopus Hair

Another pared-back look for crazy hair day, we love how effective this octopus hair is! Add some braids and a bun, and glue down some googly eyes to create an octopus.

56. Pineapple Hair

This is a pretty drastic look, but it’s worth it because of how effective and cool it looks! If you don’t want to shave your child’s hair, you could just use yellow and green spray to create this pineapple look.

57. Popcorn Hair

Attach the popcorn bag to your child’s bun or high ponytail, and make a mess with the popcorn! Head to your local craft store to find the yellow ruffle paper.

58. Rapunzel Hair

If your daughter loves Disney Princesses, this Rapunzel design is so easy to recreate. You’ll need a hair clip or two for this one, and it’s best for those with long hair.

59. Shark Infested Hair

If you’re not the most creative parent, this crazy hair day idea is simple but looks great. Blue spray and a toy shark is all you need to create this tidal wave.

60. Spaghetti Hair

You’re going to need a sieve, a wooden spoon, and a lot of wool for this one! However, if your child doesn’t really want their hair sprayed with crazy colors, this is a great compromise.

61. Sparkly Golf Buns

Cover your kid’s bun with green glitter, and stick on a golf ball for this sporty look. We love the eye-catching, glamorous green sparkle used here!

62. Spider-Man Hair

Use some fake spider webs to recreate this Spider-Man scene at the top of the head. When Halloween rolls around you could add some plastic spiders to make this look spookier!

63. Troll Hair

If your child’s obsessed with Trolls, you have probably already been asked if you can try recreating this hairstyle. You’ll need plenty of colorful hairspray to achieve this tall, static look.

64. Watermelon Hair

This crazy hair idea is undeniably pretty. Pink spray, green spray, and black felt pieces can be used to create this fruity design.

65. Wizard Of Oz Hair

There’s no place like home, where your parents can backcomb your hair into a tornado. You could even hide your school supplies in this backcombed ‘do! This hairstyle is so detailed you’ll notice something new every time you look at it.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – crazy hairstyles to have so much fun with. Some of these wacky hairstyles will take a lot of preparation and time to perfect, so be sure to have all your equipment ready the night before.

It may help to have a practice run before the big day, so you do not end up making mistakes during the final take.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! These kinds of artsy activities can be really exciting to put together, and are a fun way for you and your child to have some bonding time as the design comes together.

We hope you found this article helpful in choosing an easy crazy hair day style.

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