35 Beautiful Scarf In Hair Ideas (Trending Styles To Try)

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35 Beautiful Scarf In Hair Ideas (Trending Styles To Try)

What Are The Best Scarf In Hair Ideas?

A trending hairstyle that is taking the world by storm is adding a scarf to your hair.

Whether it’s silk scarves or a simple bandana, more people are wearing a kind of scarf on their head. There are a lot of different ways you can do this, and there are also more and more ideas to try every single day.

Everyone wants to wear their scarf in their hair in their own style – but what style best suits you?

Here, we are going to be checking out the most beautiful ways to wear hair scarves for you to try out. Check out our ideas below, and find inspiration that is beyond your wildest dreams!

1. Blended Bun And Scarf

For a chic hairstyle to try out during the summer, why not try blending your scarf into your bun? Just wrap it around the hair as you pin it up, and the end result will look absolutely amazing!

2. Bohemian Head Wrap

One of the easiest ways of wearing a scarf is the Bohemian head wrap. All you have to do is take your pretty scarf, tie it over your head so it is covered, but your hair is still loose underneath.

3. Braid With A Scarf

A popular Missy Sue look is the braid with a scarf. One easy way to add a scarf to this hairstyle is to simply tie a patterned scarf around the top of your head, and allow the braid to fall through it. Or, use a bandana to tie the end of your braid instead of a ribbon!

4. Bun And Bandana

For a vintage, hipster look, try the bun and bandana mix. Just put your hair up in a messy bun and tie a faded bandana around the top of your hair. Because the bandana has less material, it will give you a shorter knot at the top or side of your head.

5. Bun With A Scarf

Buns are a great hairstyle that can quickly get the hair out of your eyes. If you want to make this style more summery and cute, rather than messy, then just tie a pretty head scarf around it!

6. Vintage Top Knot And Scarf Tie

This vintage look is very easy to pull off and a great way to turn a messy bun into an inspired look. Just wrap a colorful bo-ho scarf around your head and top knot, and this will give you a casual but chic look to wear throughout the day!

7. Vintage Wrap Around Headscarf

This look was all the rage in the 1970s and now, it’s become a vintage bo-ho style that is summery and chic. It’s also very easy to do once your hair is pinned up, and helps keep everything neatly in place.

8. Wrap And Braids

Head wraps and scarves work great with braids and cornrows. This idea uses a scarf to tie up the braids and allow them to fall naturally, keeping them in a uniform shape and out of your eyes while still looking stylish!

9. Bandana And Space Buns

Space buns are a super cute hair style but it can be difficult to wear a bandana or scarf with them – unless you try this style. Just tie a bandana around each space bun like you would a regular bun, but why not try mixing and matching different colors?

10. Bandana Headband

This is another great way to wear a simple bandana. It allows you to wear your hair down and free, while still giving it a bit of vintage style and charm.

11. Blended Braid And Scarf

This scarf-in-hair idea is a Missy Sue classic – the blended braid and scarf style! It’s a very cute style. You need to weave a scarf into your braid, using it like you would a strand of hair, and it will add a touch of chic-ness to your hairstyle!

12. Bow Tie

When wrapping a scarf around your hair, there’s a lot of different ways you can tie the knot. One popular way is to finish the knot on the top of the head in a big bow. It’s super fun and cute!

13. Braided Scarf Halo

If you love the look of a scarf braided into your hair, then why not try this idea for a braided scarf halo? The braid sits neatly across the top of your head and the scarf brings additional life, color, and style to your look!

14. Classic Bandana

Bandanas are very short pieces of material which means that they sit very close to the head. This style is a classic way to wear a bandana and it looks super cute and great for keeping the sun off your scalp on hot summer days.

15. Full Head Wrap

This style is incredibly popular with a lot of cultures and faiths, and it’s a great way to keep your hair out of your eyes throughout the day. It also helps protect your hair while also keeping your head fashionable and stylish.

16. Full Loose Hair Scarf Coverage

If you love the idea of a hair wrap through the use of a scarf, but don’t like how tight these styles are, then this is the perfect alternative. You can use a beautiful scarf and use it to wrap around your hair very loosely (typically when your hair is styled in a braid).

17. Half Head Wrap

This type of headwrap only covers half of your head, leaving most of your hair exposed. This allows you to let strands of your bangs frame your face and put the rest of your hair up in a bun or braid.

18. Half Top Knot With A Scarf

This scarf-in-hair idea is super cute and stylish for all kinds of occasions. All you need to do is tie a decorative scarf around your half top knot, and let your hair fall down loose.

19. Head Scarf Cover With Bun

This style provides practical head coverage while still allowing your cute bun space to shine. Rather than cover your bun, let it poke out through the material and tie the ends underneath!

20. Headband Under Ponytail

Letting your hair fly loose over your headscarf, making it act more like a beautiful headband, is a very popular way to wear this accessory. However, another great way is to tie your hair back into a ponytail, and tie the scarf around it so it acts like a headband with a long, flowing tail.

21. High Ponytail With Scarf

If a low ponytail is not to your style, then you can use your scarf to help make your high ponytail look summery and gorgeous. Just tie your scarf around the top of your ponytail and rock the look!

22. Low Wrap

This type of headwrap covers most of your hair with a beautiful scarf but instead of the knot resting on the top of your head, it instead rests towards the back, near your neck. Some people prefer this style of wrap over others because it’s very cool and chic.

23. Minnie Mouse Bandana Tie

This is another way to wear a bandana in your hair, but in a very cute way that gives you the appearance of little animal ears. As a result, this style is sometimes called the ‘Minnie Mouse’ tie.

24. Pigtails With Bandana

Another super cute way to wear a bandana is to wear it with your hair styles into pigtails. It’s a very youthful style and one of the simplest ways to wear a bandana over the head.

25. Ponytail With A Scarf

This beautiful scarf-in-hair idea is very easy to tie yourself. You just need to put your hair into a regular, low ponytail and tie your stunning hair scarf around the top of your ponytail – it’s that simple!

26. Scarf Braid Tie

Usually, most people use a ribbon to create a beautiful tie to their braids and plaits – but why not use a short scarf? If you have a thin, patterned scarf, then use it to dye your braids and let the material trail down your back.

27. Scarf Push-Back Style

This hair style uses a scarf to push all of your loose hair out of your face without the need to actually style your hair. It’s a popular choice for women who are hard at work or exercising and requires little skill or effort to try out.

28. The Forehead Tie

If you want a super easy way to wear a bandana, then you can’t get any simpler than this style. Just tie the bandana around your head, pinning down your hair, and tie it in the back – it’s easy!

29. The Long Bandana Style

This hairstyle combines traditional bandana styles with the styles which use scarves to push and keep hair back and away from the face. You will need a pretty big bandana but as you can see, the practicality and style is worth it.

30. Top Knot Wrap

This is another style of full head wrap that uses the excess material to great use. Instead of a cute bow tie, you can wrap the ends of the scarf into a cool top knot for additional style.

31. Vintage Bumper Bangs

Scarves were very popular in the hair during the 1950s, and you can pull off a vintage look today by pinning back your curls, creating a “bumper bangs” look, and hiding the pins with a scarf. Tie it up neatly in a bow, and you will be left with a vintage but super cute look!

32. Vintage Rosie Riveter Style

Rosie the Riveter has become a vintage icon and now, a lot of people like to mimic her hairstyle using a simple red bandana. It’s very easy to do – just tie your hair up in a bun, tie a short bandana around your head, and make sure the knot is front and center!

33. Vintage Scarf Wrap

Vintage is in, and more and more people are looking to past styles of headscarves to find a new chic way to style their own. This style of headscarf helps cover your head on cold, windy days – plus it looks stylish!

34. Vintage Under-Neck Scarf Tie

Another type of vintage head wrap lazily ties the material ends of the scarf directly under the wearer’s neck. Unlike the previous vintage style which securely wraps the scarf over the head and around the neck, this style is far more casual and boho.

35. Women’s Turban

This style of a full head wrap uses long scarves to create a turban style. Combined with edges and curls, this scarf in hair style is great for both its practicality and chic style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size for a head scarf?

If you want to cover your head, your head scarf should be at least 28 by 29 inches. This will be enough to cover most or all of your hair, and leave you with enough material to tie into some cool styles.

What material scarf is best for hair?

The best head scarfs should come in very light materials like cotton, lightweight wools, silk, or nylon. If you are afraid of your scarf falling off, then keep it in place with some bobby pins.

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