31 Professional Job Interview Hairstyles for Women

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What Are The Best Professional Job Interview Hairstyles for Women?

First impressions play an integral role in the interviewing process while your hairstyle plays an important role in first impressions. A hairstyle can make or break your overall look but it can still be sweet and simple. Confidence is the key factor, as well as comfort, so be sure to be yourself as both of those elements will fall away. It’s all about balance, making sure your hair, attire and makeup are in harmony and not over the top, but also not too drab.

As if your nerves aren’t shot as it is, trying to decide on the right hairstyle can raise your stress level higher than they need to be. We can assure you that your confidence will take a leap once you see the hairstyle ideas we have racked up for. There is something for everyone, no matter your line of work.

1. Soft Dishevelled French Roll

This hairstyle is a perfect balance of casual and elegance. The texture and loose structure of the roll gives it a very relaxed and soft feel, while the soft wave adds a subtle elegance to it. This look pairs well with a blouse that has a high neckline or a blazer. simple stud earrings are a simple and delicate adornment to compliment this gorgeous hairdo.

2. Wavy French Twist

The wavy kink that makes up the texture of this hairdo adds a touch of fancy while also appearing disheveled and relaxed. A French twist is a classic in the world of updos, and they can work for so many different occasions. Tone it down by adding texture and keeping it loose and dress it up with sleekness, structure, and height by adding a small piece of bling.

3. Simple Low Bun

A perfect example of simplicity and elegance. A timeless hairdo that cant go wrong and will work with most outfits and personalities. It is an easy hairstyle to achieve on your own and works great with all hair textures. Allow some loose pieces to gracefully fall out the front to soften the overall look.

4. High Bun

A high bun definitely carries a little more elegance and grace and is a gorgeous choice that will create a great first impression. What is great about this one, is that it allows you to dress down a little, as the hairstyle will steal the show and turn any outfit into something gorgeous and casually glamorous.

5. Sleek Bob

Sleek and polished sends a clear message of professional and well put together. The haircut itself is so chic and with a bit of polish and shine, it is a perfect interview style for shorter locks.

6. Slicked Back Pixie

This is a stunning choice for shorter locks. It oozes elegance with a small touch of attitude and carries an energy of confidence, which is an important factor when walking in for an interview. A delicate drop earring will compliment it perfectly while adding that extra feminine touch.

7. Long Soft Waves

For locks that are longer, add a smooth and very subtle wave for some movement. This look can dress up a smart casual outfit while also toning down an elegant dress or blouse. Hair that is down is more playful and relaxed but with a soft kink, it maintains its professionalism.

8. Low Tousled Ponytail

A simple ponytail can be a perfect interview-worthy hairstyle when done right. Try a low ponytail with some tousled waves to soften and level it up to a casual but elegant hairdo. It is neat with the hair being pulled away from the face with the perfect amount of professional touch.

9. Low Textured Pony

A ponytail that is textured with a soft curl is great for thicker locks. The curls take an ordinary ponytail and transform it into a style fit for an interview. The curls add some movement to the hair, as well as shine and structure. This one you can not go wrong with.

10. Polished Low Pony

A sleek look always portrays a sense of confidence and professionalism. Long locks look great when pulled back into a sleek and polished ponytail and will suit just about any outfit choice. Wrap a band of hair around the base to finish it off and give it that little bit extra.

11. Uniform Waves

Softly elegant, some wide bouncy waves look professional and feminine. Use a waving tool to create these uniform waves and softly comb them through with a wide-tooth comb, finished off with some shine spray.

12. Subtle P0mpadour With Slicked Back Sides

A pompadour is a great choice if you want professional with a bit of edge. After all, you want to be able to showcase your personality while looking the part. The slicked back sides add a small dose of elegance and make room for some statement-making adornments.

13. Elegant Pixie

A well-cut pixie style is enough to nail an interview-worthy hairdo. Treat yourself to a blow wave with your stylist to add some volume and showcase your already chic and trendy haircut. An off center parting is a great way to add softness to your style and adds an extra touch of elegance.

14. Bouncy Curls for Short Hair

If your locks are short and fine, add some voluminous curls that are structured and polished. Tuck one side of the hair behind your ear to open up your face. This look paired with a smart and professional outfit will elevate your confidence and give a fantastic first impression. A brilliant start to any interview.

15. Fingerwaves

An old classic that is making its way back to modern-day trends. Fingerwaves are a flawless and gorgeous way to style short hair. They have that fancy flapper girl feel that is elegant and pleasing. This style requires some hairstyling skills, so find a stylist who can help you nail this fantastic finger waved hairdo.

16. Sleek Side Ponytail

A simple ponytail can look elegant by simply securing it off-center, allowing it to drape and cascade down the shoulder. It is a great style to off-balance a center parting and creates some asymmetry.

17. High Sleek Ponytail

This high ponytail radiates professionalism. It is neat and elegant and is a perfect hairstyle to complement a suit. The face is open which helps you appear confident, and the straightened look adds shine and structure.

18. Sleek and Bouncy Blow Wave

Simple and humble. A bouncy blow wave can create some movement and volume with a sleek finish. It portrays a polite and sweet, yet confident persona and is simply beautiful for medium-length hair.

19. Cascading Curls

Curls draping down the shoulder is an elegant choice that will pair well with a more casual outfit. This is a classy look that is professional and flattering for longer locks. Leave some loose strands around the face to soften the look and add a casual element to the overall look.

20. Curly Ends

This look is a great combination of sleek and textured. The soft and minimal curls at the tips add some bounce and turn a sleek look into a more fancy hairdo. it is relaxed yet classy and has a subtle amount of elegance to rock your interview.

21. Soft Low Ponytail

This look is gracefully casual and soft and is perfect for an interview setting. It is soft enough to appear loose with half of the hair softly draped back to open the face and keep some structure.

22. Soft Bob Blowout

A simple blowout can level up a short bob to classy and chic, to suit a professional woman ready to rock an interview. Spend the morning in a calm salon setting for some pampering and interview prep.

23. Professional Natural Curls

Give your gorgeous natural curls some love and attention by defining and moisturizing them. Style them with some curling cream or mousse for more structure and bounce and softly pin the bangs away from your face. This is a classy yet simple and easy-to achieve look to get you interview-ready.

24. Casual Half Bun with Waves

Soft, tousled waves can be both elegant and casual so they are a perfect hairstyle choice for an interview. Pull half the hair back into a low and soft bun to fancy it up a touch, as well as open the face to show confidence.

25. Short Natural Curls

Short locks paired with a natural curl are a match made in heaven. Enhance your curl by adding some structure, bounce, and shine, opt for an elegant side parting and walk in with confidence to smash your interview.

26. Chic and Edgy Pompadour

Short pixie hair can be transformed into a chic and edgy interview-appropriate hairstyle by styling it into a well-groomed pompadour. Blow wave the top for some volume and direct it back toward the crown. Add some pomade for sleekness and a stronghold hairspray to keep this gorgeous style in place.

27. Boho Braid

Braids are so on-trend currently for formal occasions and they can work well in an interview setting too. A loose unkempt braid draping down the shoulder can look relaxed and casual, but the detail allows it to pass as sophisticated and smart.

28. Low Puff Bun

Ethnic hair has a stunning texture that is easy to work with. To keep it calm, refined, and sophisticated, a low polished bun is a brilliant choice. It can look opulent with a sassy suit and levels up your confidence to rock your interview.

29. Braided Ballerina Bun

A gorgeous mane of braids looks stunning as they are, but they can be interview-friendly by pulling them back into a bun. It is a graceful and cultivated look and pairs well with any outfit choice.

30. Sleek Tucked Under Bob

This look is the definition of simple, clean and chic. A sleek and uniform bob cut oozes professionalism and carries an element of sophistication. Pair this with a sweet and confident smile and you will start your interview off with a positive first good impression.

31. Relaxed Updo

Updo’s are not just for special occasions. You can confidently rock a pleasingly messy but structured updo that looks professional and put together. They are casually elegant and work well with a more smart-casual outfit.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have more confidence in how you want to present your image for your big moment, consider these final thoughts for a final confidence boost!

  • Confidence is key! So choose a hairstyle that you are comfortable wearing. Choosing a style that is too far out of your comfort zone will squash your confidence.
  • Make sure your chosen style balances with your makeup and wardrobe. If your outfit is super smart or glitzy, then opt for a more relaxed and soft hairstyle.
  • This may seem obvious, but make sure your locks are clean! There are no tricks around it. Shiny polished hair for the win, always!
  • Make sure your chosen style is appropriate for your line of work or for the position you are applying for.
  • The most important thing to remember is to be yourself! Don’t be somebody you’re not, your true self is worthy, and where your confidence is at its highest.

Shake off the nerves and hold your head up high, you are worthy, you are deserving, and with hairstyle options like these, you will feel radiantly confident!

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Lauren always knew she needed to work in an industry that would nurture her creative and eccentric personality. She has run her own business for 7 years. After 2 years attending college, Lauren found herself an apprenticeship with one of the top salons in her province. This salon was popular for their more alternative and creative hairstyle ideas, taking part in many international competitions, photoshoots and shows where bright colors and Avant Garde styling were always the theme. She fine-tuned her skills throughout her 5 years there, achieving many awards including national finalist of the Goldwell Color Zoom competition. After qualifying, Lauren stayed on and grew in leaps and bounds in her art, training new apprentices and meeting some local fame and influencers. She got to experience various facets of the industry and built up a strong clientele. Lauren eventually found her way to owning her own salon and, in this time, she specialized in bridal and formal hair. Living in the Midlands meant she was in the hub of the wedding industry and was involved with collaborative shoots and bridal shows.