50 Loc Styles for Women (Easy Starter Dreads You’ll Love!)

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What are the Best Loc Styles For Women?

Dreadlocks are a great protective hairstyle that provides some versatility while looking amazing. There are various reasons why women choose to add dreadlocks to their hair, which can range from cultural and religious beliefs or simply just aesthetic value. The choice is your own, and more and more women are rocking this look as the trend grows.

They are a commitment and can take some time to establish unless you opt for extensions, which will take a good few hours out of your day. Whatever it is you choose, there are some fun and trendy ways to showcase them. We have helped you out by searching the net for the best loc hairstyles for women. Let’s have a look!

1. Basket Weave Locs

When you need to elevate your style for an event there are some fun ways to style your locs. Try a basket weave to add some creative texture and patterns and combine it with a low bun to keep you locs protected and in place.

2. Chic Loc Updo

A protective style for a special occasion. sweep your locs up by twisting thins locs into thicker locs and sweeping them up into an elegant updo. Adorn the look with some beads and charms that are suited to the occasion.

3. Curly Locs

Add a dash of elegance to your dreadlocks by styling them in curls. when you think of dreadlocks, curls don’t come to mind, so this style has a wow factor that will catch attention.

4. Dreadlocs with Space Buns

Space buns are fun and cute and a popular way to style your dreads. They have a youthful feel to them and are a great way to showcase your dedicated locs while also having some style.

5. Long Kinky Locs

Medium-sized locs can be made fun and interesting by twisting a slight kink into them. It creates the appearance of a curl and a seamless ombre color adds some dimension and creativity.

6. Classic Two Strand Twisted Locs

These locs are a popular classic and are usually starting point for more permanent dreadlocs. They are neat and easy to maintain. a visit to your stylist every 6 weeks or so for some oil and a retwist will keep these locs looking fresh and rowing strong.

7. Short Ombre Locs

Short hair can also be rocked in locs. Add some lighter hues in an ombre effect to create some dimension and contrast, helping your locs stand out.

8. Twisted Loc Bun and Loc Bob

This style is creative with its varying length and textures. A high bun is created with interlacing locs twisted together while shorter locs are left loose at the back to create a loc bob. Some bangs are part of the look, created with a few short loose locs directed toward the forehead.

9. Barrel Locs with Petals

These interlocking barrel curls come together in a delicate bunch of petals to protect your dreadlocks. They create an updo that is suitable for a formal occasion or can pass a casual everyday style.

10. Cornrow Style Dreadlocks

You can maintain and protect your dreadlocs in simple and creative ways. This simple look follows the pattern usually created when doing cornrows, but the ends are left out for a change in texture and style.

11. Double the Fun

Create some twinning barrel locs from the nape up, allowing the ends to fountain out, creating two spiky buns on either side of the head. Some color can add some contrast and personality and some twisted locs can be left loose to drape down the back or shoulder.

12. Dreadlocks with Space Buns

Space buns are so on-trend and they work so well with dreadlocks. They are also a fashionable way to keep your locs out of your face while also showcasing them.

13. Half Up Ombre Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks don’t always have to be big and bulky. Medium-sized locs are great for finer hair and can be accentuated with an ombre effect from dark to light. Protect and style them with a simple half ponytail.

14. Loc Barrels with Ponytail and Undercut

Create an edgy look while protecting your long locs with two loc barrels that meet into a ponytail of locs at the nape. Remove some bulk while looking chic with a trendy undercut.

15. Loc Twists into Petal Bun

Tame your locs by pulling them into a high bun and creating petal shapes with the twists. It’s classic and simple with all the detail in the bun so your face is open with no locs in your way.

16. Low Loc Petals

Your dreadlocks can be gently pulled back into a beautiful low petal bun that sits on the nape. Create a parting in the front to form a section that can sweep subtly across the forehead, replicating bangs and adding some flow and shape.

17. Short Spiral Locs

These cute locs are created with a very tight curl that coils together to create a loc that is temporary. Perfect for those who don’t want to commit just yet and maybe test run the look for a while first.

18. Symmetrical Barrel Braids

Protect your dreadlocks with a pair of symmetrical barrel braids that come together with micro dreads that are flawlessly sectioned into crisp and uniform blocks.

19. Tight Updo Bun

Your locs can be transformed into an updo for any occasion. Take advantage of the creative versatility that dreadlocks provide and have some fun!

20. All The Way Up

Thin neat dreadlocs interlaced into a double barrel loc from the nape to the forehead create this interesting reverse mohawk style. The different colors add some dimensions and the wrapped sideburn locs give the overall look an extra dose of creativity.

21. Barrel Loc Twist

The beauty of creating barrel locs is that you can secure them in any direction to create an art piece with your locs. Let your stylist get creative and come up with something unique.

22. Barrel Locs and Bun with Loose Dreads

Barrel Locs and buns are great options for keeping your dreadlocks protected and tucked away. The two styles combined create a glamorous hairdo that is practical and chic. Add some unique flair by letting some locs lay loose around the hairline.

23. Blue- ming Bun

Petal Buns are a popular choice when it comes to choosing a way to style your locs. It’s not hard to understand why when you see the stunning petal formation they create. You can take your petal bun to the next level and brighten it up with some eye-catching hues like these stunning electric blue loc petals.

24. Chunky Dreadlock Updo

This protective hairstyle is practical and funky for locked hair. Chunky dreadlocks are fed micro twist to add some creative flair and texture. they are all secured together at the crown to create a practical and semi-permanent updo that makes this a wake-and-go hairstyle. Two twisted loc side burns are left to create softness on the face.

25. Classic Dreads

Natural dreads require some maintenance to keep them neat and structured. Visit your salon to have them waxed and maybe think of adding some temporary color to make them more exciting.

26. Dreadloc Petal Bun

Keep your dredlocs trendy and tucked away in a stylish petal bun. Well established dreadlocks are easier to maintain and can be very versatile when it comes to styling.

27. Dreadlock Crown

This is a unique and stylish way to showcase your locs as your crowning glory. Each section is parted to create a diamond shape, opposed to the common box shape, and adorned in a half up half down style, creating a dread crown.

28. Golden Loc Bun

Show off your golden locs with a trendy high bun. Adorn it with some bling and beads that help keep your locs intact while giving them some personality.

29. Jumbo Locs Style

Combine your locs with some twists to create some jumbo locs that are secured and protected in a fun style. You can position them into various patterns to keep your style unique and interesting.

30. Loc Twists and Side Bun

The versatility of dreadlocks is amazing. These protective hairstyles can provide you with a multitude of different looks. These twisted locs gather to one side of the head and are showcased in a creative and multicolored petal bun.

31. Low Loc Bun with Loc Bangs

Dreadlock maintenance can be so versatile and fun. Like this low bun that is created by two sections coming together at the nape, swirled up into a mesmerising bun and some shiny trinkets to adorn it. To make things even more interesting, some shorter locks are directed toward the forehead to hang loose like bangs.

32. Petal Mohawk

Create an edgy mohawk with the softness of dread petals. They are a perfect balance of funky and pretty and a super creative way to protect your locs.

33. Pineapple Express

Keep your locs fresh and quirky with a half-top knot that creates a dread arrangement on the top of the head. Paired with some golden hues, it’s safe to say this style is as fresh and enjoyable as a pineapple.

34. Princess Leia Buns

There is always a Star Wars among us and princess Leia is famous for her iconic twisted buns. Replicate this popular princess by twisting your locs into perfect buns at the top of your head.

35. Tall Loc Bun with Bangs

Long dreadlocks can be protected and styled by pulling them up to a high, chic bun on the top of the head. Adding some lighter locs can add dimension and contrast and create an ombre-toned look with the bun. Allow some shorter dreads to hang loose down the side to create a bang.

36. Temporary Twisted Locs

If you’re  not ready for dreadlock commitment, these long twisted locs can be a temporary dreadloc style to test run the look. They are a great protective style that is to achieve and maintain and you can have a lot of fun with these twists.

37. Asymmetrical Loc Petals

Use your dreadlocs to create a fun and stylish updo. Petal buns are popular, but you can make yours stand out by going for a look that is more asymmetrical. Every angle your head turns will show off a different hairstyle.

38. Barrel Loc Halo

Secure and protect your locs with a super cool barrel loc halo. It is a practical protective style that also acts as a cool accessory. Perfect for active and sporty women as it has that sporty look and keeps locs from flying into your face.

39. Barrel Loc Updo

This protective deadlock style has some mohawk influence. It’s more chic and sophisticated as it can be both a casual do or a party look. A barrel lock is created from the nape up with the ends left loose to create a side bang of locs.

40. Blue Barrel Locs to Double Buns

Fun unicorn hair is all the craze and your dreadlocks can get in on the action. Play with some hues and create two buns from some barrel locs for a whimsical and cute dreadlock style.

41. Charming Spiral Loc

Protect your locs in a cool and funky way by creating a chunky loc spiral that flows around your head. add some charms and trinkets to make it fun and unique and to add a little dreadloc bling.

42. Chunky Bun with Bang Locs and Purple Accents

Wrap your locs around each other to create a gorgeous chunky bun, while leaving a few locs loose in the front to cascade down the face like bangs. Hints of purple take these locs to another level and enhance the movement and texture in the bun.

43. Cornrow Locs

Ask your stylist to pull back your locs into two structured cornrows for a practical and sporty look. An undercut pairs well to remove bulk and for easy maintenance.

44. Eccentric Petal Bun

Portray your eccentric personality in your loc maintenance with fun hues and creative styling. Let your petal bun be bigger and better and your loc color brighter and bolder.

45. Funky Fountain Locs

Try a half-up ponytail that is wrapped numerous times with locs to create height and a spiky mountain effect with the locs that fall out the top. Play with colors and twist and texture and don’t forget to keep your edges looking fresh.

46. Long Locs with Half Up Bun

Show off your long dreadlocks by allowing the bottom half to cascade down your back while the top half is wrapped up into a neat, protective bun that is creatively pulled back to look chic and neat.

47. Popsmoke Dreads

A common and popular protective style for ethnic hair is pop smoke braids, but you can turn braids into locs by twisting micro dreads into each other to create a chunky and stylish dreadlock.

48. Rolls with Space Buns

This style is a great way to protect both your hair and your locs once they are established. Also known as a reverse ram, your locs are kept intact and neat with some stylish space buns to keep the style interesting.

49. Strand Twist

Create a fun candy cane effect by adding some contrasting color to your locs. Twist the opposite colors into one strand for some dimensional twisted dreadlocks.

50. Two Strand Twist Pin-Up

Pulling your locs up into a bun is always practical and always looks great. This hairstyle has been created in a way that makes the base of the locs look like tree roots, which is unique and interested. Three or four mini locs join from their own root into a thicker loc twist, protecting the hair while keeping it chic.

Final Thoughts

Dreadlocks need some time and attention to stay looking fresh and neat, and they absolutely need to stay clean. Contrary to what some might think, dreadlocks need some maintenance. whether you have established locs or are thinking about getting them started, here are some final thoughts to help you maintain them.

  • Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo to reduce build-up on the scalp. It is important to keep your scalp clean.
  • Be gentle when drying your locs by gently squeezing access moisture out of them. Start at the root and work your way toward the ends. B Opt for a microfibre towel as they don’t leave lint in your locs.
  • Moisturize your locs to prevent breakage with a moisturizing spray and a little oil.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize your scalp as well, as your scalp can tend to get dry.
  • Sleep with a silk pillowcase or wrap your locs with a silk scarf to reduce friction and breakage.

Adorn your locs with beads and trinkets and have fun with the plethora of interesting ways to style them!

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