17 Hair Weave Industry Statistics

Wigs and hair extensions are part of many people’s beauty regimes. What do the US hair weave industry statistics say about the sector?

US Hair Weave Industry Statistics

  1. The hair weave industry is expected to grow to $13.28 billion by 2026. (Statista)
  2. In 2020, the hair extension market size in the US stood at $1.72 billion. (Fortune Business Insights)
  3. North America accounts for around 40% of human hair product consumers, with the US importing the most human hair products. (ReportLinker)
  4. US hair weave imports dropped to $1,350 million in 2020 but increased by 28.6% in 2021, totaling $1,750 million. (Howtosellhairextensions.com)
  5. The average cost for a weave installation is $200-$300, but more professional extensions can cost between $600-$3,000. (SittingPretty)
  6. The hair weave industry employs roughly 3,000 people in the US. (IBIS World)
  7. Google searches for ‘ethical hair’ reached a 5-year high as people become more interested in knowing where their wigs and hair extensions come from. (The Hustle)
  8. In 2020, the world’s three largest human hair exporters amounted to 86.6% of the global export market. (OEC)
  9. Asia-Pacific is expected to produce 43% of the market growth of hair weave, wigs, and extensions from 2020 to 2024. (Tecnavio Research Report)
  10. Hong Kong exported $30.2 million worth of annual hair weave exports. (BeautyMatter)
  11. The pandemic slowed down the hair weave industry and Google search for ‘hair weave’ hit a 10-year low in April 2020. (Afro Lovely)

Hair Weave Industry: Who Are the Top Consumers

  1. 34% of women said they use hair extensions regularly. (Final Step Marketing)
  2. 76% of women say they wear hair extensions because it enhances their look. (Final Step Marketing)
  3. In one survey in 2014, 44% of black women said they’d bought a weave, wig, or hair extensions within the past 12 months. (Mintel)
  4. The average black woman spends $239 or more annually on weaves, wigs, and hair extensions. (Mintel)
  5. The market for sheitels, wigs worn by Orthodox Jewish wives, is estimated to be $60 million, with high-end wigs costing anything between $800 to $5.5k. (The Hustle)
  6. African American women in the US spend nine times more than their non-black counterparts on ethnic hair and beauty products. (HypeHair)

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